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     Welcome to Web Backgrounds!  You'll find hundreds of free webpage backgrounds, just click on the link above that reads Backgrounds.  There are a number of galleries to choose from and I'll be adding more backgrounds on a regular basis.  All the backgrounds are seamless tiles, meaning you have a small picture, but they all blend together nicely, you don't see where the tile repeats on the page. 

     Most of the tiles are in jpg or gif format.  All you have to do is right-click with your mouse on the background you want then click save background as or save picture as, depending on what web browser you use. 

     If you have questions and comments please email me.  These graphics are free for all users, commercial or personal websites.   Please do not link directly to the graphics on this website, save the background image on your server space and do not include graphics found here on any sort of compilation graphics CD without written permission first.  Thank you for stopping by my website.