Okay, okay, so why do we need to know the history of the tomato? Just because, that's why, and you'll thank me if you get on any of those million dollar game shows and you get a question about tomatoes right. I expect a cut of your winnings!

     South America is the home of the tomato and has been cultivated by Indians in the Andes Mountains since prehistoric times.  It moved from South America to Mexico more then 3,000 years ago, when settlers migrated to this area of the world.  The Tomato was introduced to European society in the 16th Century and was first grown in Italy in 1550.  Tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable and belong to the same family as the poisonous nightshade family.  For a long time in the U.S. they were thought to be poisonous and inedible until the 19th century.  The tomato is now cultivated throughout the world.

     That was your history lesson about the tomato, don't worry, I won't quiz you on the knowledge :o)