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     It's slightly cold outside, the trees have shed their leaves for another year, a faint smell of burning wood in the air and your family has all arrived for Thanksgiving dinner.  Ah, nothing like the wonderful family bliss of this moment, but then you hear that small voice inside of you, yes, it's reminding you that this Norman Rockwell moment will turn into an ugly scene of hungry grumpy mob if you don't start cooking the Thanksgiving dinner.  Don't worry, that's why you're at this website and I've collected my favorite family Thanksgiving recipes.  Just click on the recipes link at the top of the page and start the odyssey of culinary delights.

      Here is some quick ideas for the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving dinner, after all, presentation does count!  Here is a few quick ideas for you to try out.

Fanciful Frosted Fruit

Create a dazzling, edible arrangement using a variety of grapes, Seckle pears, prune plums and strawberries! It's super-easy to do with powdered egg whites, water and superfine sugar. Use Just Whites, which is pasteurized for safety. Simply mix 2 tbs. of whites and 6 tbs. of water in a small bowl. Pour sugar into a large food storage bag. Cut grapes into small clusters. Using a soft brush, paint egg white mix onto individual fruit. Place in sugar and cover well. Remove and shake off excess sugar. Let dry on a tray sprinkled with sugar. You can frost all but strawberries 2 days head. Strawberries can be made the night before.

Acorn Squash Vase

A colorful acorn squash makes a unique container for a pretty arrangement of fresh and dried flowers. Cut stem off. Turn squash over and slice off 1/3 from bottom end. Scoop out seeds. Line cavity with heavy plastic, such as a trash bag, then insert floral foam. Make your arrangement - some suggestions: rust lilies, orange roses, mini ornamental peppers, cat tails, salmon broom bloom, orange rice flowers and orange mini yarrow.

Cranberry Candles

Place a single layer of cranberries into a 9-ounce round glass votive. Insert a votive candle, then add more cranberries. Add water up to candle.

Pot Of Pretty Produce

Combine Granny Smith apples, curly parsley and fall flowers to make a lovely autumnal arrangement.

For best results, use a container that measures at least 8" deep and 7" in height. Waterproof pot by inserting a double thickness of heavy plastic, such as a trash bag. Insert floral foam, making sure it's level with rim. Insert parsley into foam at rim. Cut 8 bamboo skewers to 6" lengths; insert into bottom of 8 apples. Insert opposite ends into foam, making sure apples extend over rim of pot. Fill spaces within the arrangement with solidago (florist's golden rod) and mums.

Now that you got the centerpiece, its time to start cooking, just go to the recipes link at the top of the page.  If you would like to send me any recipes or have comments on the recipes I posted, please drop me an email.  Thank you for stopping by my website.

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