Nursery Rhymes, we all know at least one or two, from Jack be nimble to Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep.  Most of these fables are linked back to one name, Mother Goose, but who was Mother Goose?  It is rather uncertain exactly where the name Mother Goose came from.  Some people say its taken from the French collection of tales by Charles Perrault (1697) which had the subtitle  Contes de ma mère L'Oye (tales of Mother Goose).  It can also be traced to Queen Goosefoot, Charlemagne's mother, who was a patron of children.  There is also an American connection to Mother Goose from a collection of rhymes called Mother Goose Melodies, published in 1719 by Thomas Fleet, who's mother in laws name was Elizabeth Vergoose.  Well, the exact origin of the Mother Goose name is unclear, but we do know one thing for certain, these nursery rhymes will forever be a part of children's lives, of growing up, of being a kid who remembers their parents telling them the nursery rhymes before bed. 

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