Your friends have asked you to a poker game, you confidently say, "Sure I know how to play poker, doesn't every one?"  Then you quickly spring into action to save yourself from complete humiliation and go to your favorite search engine.  You feverishly type in, "How to play poker" and you wind up at this friendly little page that will give you all the rules of poker, how to play, how to bet, and some variations on the game of poker.

I've been playing poker for many years with family, friends, the passing stranger that has the word pigeon written across their forehead, oops, hehe, I mean, never mind.  Suffice it to say that I'm enthusiastic about the game of poker.  Before we get into the actual game play I want to give you some helpful tips to make your poker playing enjoyable.

  1. Play with people you know - This is just a little common sense piece of advice.  Your friends won't take advantage of your level of expertise in the game and generally you won't lose that much money.
  2. Set a limit on the amount you can bet.  If you're with friends it's more about playing a game with friends than making a killing at the poker table.  Just remember, the quickest way to end a friendship is playing high stakes poker with friends.
  3. Set the rules before the game play starts.  Poker can have many variations, many little rules that can be bent or switched around to make the game play different.  Just make sure you establish the rules before the game...rules about wild cards etc.  Its better to have the rules all clearly stated rather than have a conflict later once money has been put down on the table.
  4. Video poker - Some people like to play video poker, personally I don't, poker is as much of a game of bluffing, strategy, and nerves.  Computers don't have nerves, they don't notice if the person is slightly smiling at the card they just picked up.
  5. Online Poker - Don't go to cyber casinos, sure you may win, but in the end you end up losing more.  If you do want to play against other people my recommendation would be to play at Yahoo Games  They have a fun poker game you can play against multiple people.  Its free to play and generally a good place to get your poker fix.
  6. The last tip, have fun!!  This is a game and its meant to be fun and shouldn't get too stressful!

Just click on the links to the left of the page for the basic rules, variations on the game, links to other pages, or drop me an email with you poker questions.  Thank you for visiting this website.