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     There's great satisfaction in baking your own pies. Rolling the dough for a pie, heaping in the fillings and smelling the crust baking to a golden brown.  Out of various ingredients you can create many marvels. Flaky crust filled with syrupy fruit, brimming with tart, shimmery lemon or mysterious dark chocolate. Spicy meat mixtures hide beneath crisp pastry jackets. It's a special magic!

     The history of pies is one that certainly interesting and varied.  For example, the pies that Romans ate at elaborate banquets were used as showpieces at the dinner.  Meat and Fish Pies became fairly popular in 14th century England and the fruit pies, often called tarts, became popular in the 16th century.  Once the British settlers came to America the tradition of pie making continued, but since new ingredients were found in the Americas such pies as pumpkin and cranberry pies.

     This site is fairly easy to navigate through, just click on the recipe section to look through these mouth-watering recipes and take up your rolling pin and let the magic begin!  If you have any questions regarding this website please email me.  If you would like to submit a pie recipe to me, just drop me a line and I'll put your recipe up on the site.  Thank you for stopping by my page!