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     Welcome to The Muffin Page!  You might be wondering why someone would write a webpage with muffin recipes, is it a love for this delectable food that caused it, is it a burning desire to share with the world the wonders of muffins, or is it even more basic, I'm nuts.  Well, umm, it might be a combination of the three, but lets not ask why this webpage was written, instead, let us focus on the what we have.

      First off, I've made all these recipes, they're easy to make, anyone can make them, but before you make any muffins you might need a few things.  Besides the obvious, like an oven to cook them in or the actual ingredients, you definitely need to get yourself a muffin tin.  Now that you're all set and ready, muffin tin in hand, a determined look painted on your brow, lets get to making some muffins.  Just click on the recipes link to the left and you'll be taken to all the recipes on this webpage.  There are 30 muffin recipes in all and I'll be adding more soon, so please drop by again.

     If you would like to submit any muffin recipes to me, please just email me (click the link to the left) and I'll make sure to include your recipe on the webpage.  Thank you for stopping in and make sure you get cooking!