Welcome to the HTML Tutorial. In these pages you'll find a basic guide on html, how to use it to construct web pages, and most of all, not to be intimidated by the whole process. I will guide you step by step to understanding html, tables, frames, forms, adding images, and basic page design.

Let's begin by understanding what html is and how it functions. Html stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It isn't a programming language, like, perl, C++, vbasic, instead it is a scripting language. Now you say, HUH? I say a scripting language. Basically, in the simplest definition, html tells how your page should look to a web browsers like Netscape or IE. Let me give you a simple example. Say you did this <b>Hello</b> you would get something that looked like Hello. You told the web browser to make the word hello bold, that's what the <b> command does.

Html is a series of tags that enclose the information you want to present in your webpage. Now what is a tag? <b></b> That's the bold tag, we've already seen what it can do, but why do we have to have </b> well, the first tag <b> Tells the browser that you want to make a word bold and the </b> tells the browser that you are done using the bold and you want to turn it off. So, information is always placed between tags.

What do you need to write a web page? What programs should you use? Well, there are many programs that you can find to help you write a program. Some are WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), where you don't have to deal with html at all, you just type it in like a word processing program and the code is written for you.  There are many good WYSIWYG type editors like Dreamweaver or Frontpage.  While WYSIWYG type editors are good to get you initially started, it really is necessary that you learn the html tags, it will make the WYSIWYG type editors much more powerful if you know the HTML tags.   If you understand how html works you would be amazed at all you can do with it. So, if you want to write html code, what should you use? Any text editor, like notepad, MS Word, can be used to write a webpage. All you have to do is type in the information and when you save your page all you have to do is save it with a .htm or .html extension at the end. You can look into some of the other html editors, there are many good ones, but don't pay for any! There is a very good free HTML editor called 1st Page 2000, has extensive help sections and shortcuts that will make editing your page rather easy.   Open Notepad for now so you can try these out. Another thing you'll need is a web browser, but since you are viewing this web page, I assume that you have a web browsers already.

Okay, now that you have an introduction to the whole world of HTML, let's get your feet wet and start with the basics of how to write a web page. Click on the link to the left that says basics. One other thing, don't worry, this is very easy.