The harmonica is probably one of the easiest instruments to play, but that doesn't mean a beginner wouldn't need some help with the basics.  That's what this website is about, giving the beginner and intermediate player the basics of how to play the harmonica and other tips and tricks of the trade.

      First we'll start off with the harmonica itself, there are many harmonicas available at music stores and online outlet, so which is right for you?  Most people will want to start with a Key of C Diatonic harmonica.  A diatonic harmonica means that it has the notes of a specific key and is the predominant type of harmonica used in folk, country, rock, and blues.  Chromatic harmonicas are ones that allow you to play sharps and flats by pushing a slide...this type of harmonica will not be discussed on this website, mainly because most beginners should start out on a diatonic harmonica in the key of C. 

      Which type of harmonica should a beginner start out with then?  Price range on diatonic harmonicas range greatly from a low of $2 to a high of about $30.  So which should you buy?  I've discussed this with a few people that play harmonica and opinions vary as much as the price.  Lee Oskar's Major Diatonic Harmonica costs about $25, has a plastic comb (easier on the lips and is more airtight).  This is a very good harmonica to start with, however, I don't discourage people from buying cheaper harmonicas.  I happen to purchase a few harmonicas from companies like Jambone and they were surprisingly good harmonicas and the cost of $3 each harmonica was a great value.  The bigger companies like Hohner and Lee Oskar offer a wide range of harmonicas and you really can't go too bad with either company.  One side note, you may visit other harmonica type websites and they might recommend certain pricier models for sale...just remember it behooves them to sell the higher end ones because they're getting a cut from the sale of the item.

      Now that you have the harmonica in hand and you're ready to start to play, go to the Lessons section of this website to get started on your way to becoming a harp player.  I've included a few songs in the music section of the website so you can get playing a few songs and also a link to a website that has hundreds of harmonica songs.