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Welcome to Hard To Find Recipes!  You might be wondering right now what exactly is a Hard to Find Recipe?  Well, through the years as a Chef in the small but elegant Casa De My House, I've come across some odd and unusual recipes that I've cooked.  Some recipes when you read them you'll think, ewww, that can't taste good but then you try it out and you're pleasantly surprised.  So, these recipes aren't for the faint of heart, they are for those bold explorers in the world of culinary peculiarity.

A little about the website, click the "Recipes" link above to go directly to the recipes section.  There you'll find another link page with the various recipes on this website.  The Links page is a collection of other websites that are either written by me or some friends, so please stop off and take a look at those as well.  If you should have a question or comment regarding this website please feel free to send me an email.  I try to respond to all the emails I get, but only when I can find them among the endless spam mail that gets sent to me as well! 

Well, I've blathered on enough, click on the recipe section and get cooking.  Hopefully you'll have fun with the recipes and find a new favorite that your family will just love.