Welcome to Guitar Basics!  This website is meant for beginning to intermediate guitarists and will help them with some of the basics of guitar playing. 
At the top you'll see the different sections for this website and some helpful information to get you playing.  The chord dictionary is a comprehensive collection of all the chords you'll need to play most music.  The section on tuning your guitar will make sure you're all tuned up before playing.  The free sheet music section gives a listing of sites that has free guitar tabs and chord progressions to almost every kind of music imaginable.

     I'll be adding more tutorials and advice as this website gets a little older and I have a little more time to put together the tutorials.  I would also like to get some feedback and then focus on what you the visitors to this website would like to see.  Now, a little bit about me, I've been playing guitar for 12 years and I still consider myself a beginner.  When I first started playing it was merely to accompany myself while I sang, but soon I found myself appreciating the guitar for all it can do and the wide range of musical styles that it can cover.  One thing that I always stress when teaching someone else how to play is that it should be fun for you.  The guitar is very forgiving and you don't have to be a virtuoso on the guitar to enjoy playing.  Whether you are just playing for fun or wanting to make it into your career, just remember that playing should be a pleasant experience.

     One other thing, don't get discouraged when you first start off...as with anything worthwhile it will take regular practice to get the results you want...don't think you'll play like B.B. King after the first day of playing your guitar.

     Thanks for visiting this website and email me if you have any questions or comments about this website or anything that's on it.