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Welcome to My Big Fat Greek Cookbook.  As far back as I can happily remember I was always fascinated by the wonderful sights and sounds and smells of my mother's kitchen.

In Greece, as elsewhere, one usually learns to cook from one's mother and I, here in the United States, was no exception, although I do believe I became interested in the preparation of food at an earlier age than most children as I was an only child and had my mother's total attention. My mother always encouraged and helped me, and we had many fun times cooking all her Greek specialties.

I want to share all my mother's recipes with you, as I have shared them with my five children, and to have fun, relax and enjoy the wonderful Greek cuisine.  Just click on the Recipes link above and you'll be taken to the large database of Greek Recipes.  If you have any question or comments, please feel free to drop me an email.  Thank you for visiting my webpage!