How to be an Indoor Gardener


     It wasn't so terribly long ago, I can almost remember as if it were yesterday, that a friend gave me a rather pretty African Violet. At the time I was rather a novice as to what to do with the plant, what did I know about raising a plant. I took one look at my flesh colored thumb and thought, "Doesn't look green to me." This is what began the Odyssey of my indoor garden.  Since I had little or no knowledge about plants, I thanked the person, and promptly put the little plant on my desk.

     There it stayed for a week, minding it's own business, I minded my own, and I thought we had come to an understanding that we would just co-exist with each other, but not have any contact. Well, this was a perfect plan, until someone came up to me and said, "Your plant looks a little ill." I turned to look at the plant, it was looking rather bleak. I had almost expected it to mutter Macbeth's soliloquy, "Out out brief candle...." but it didn't. It  was just there, looking ill, looking unkempt, which made me look rather brutish, and all I could say was, "It does look ill."

     From that moment I became aware that the plant needed more attention than the occasional look.  First, some water, then moving it to a sunny area, and then learning everything that a person would need to know about raising an indoor plant.  So that brings us to this page, as I write it, the little African Violet sits and watches me type out the pearls of wisdom which has made it thrive from its ill condition.

     Before I start with the tips and tricks of how to grow plants, I want to stress how important it is to have plants indoors.  Everyone remembers from science class that plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and releases oxygen through photosynthesis.  Plants are not that limited though they also remove toxins and pollutants from the air! Will the wonders ever cease! Just one potted plant per 100 square feet, can help clean the air of pollutants.  So, for your health, consider having plants indoors.

     I've written this page to give some helpful hints about indoor gardening, what type of plants to choose, how to make a little herb garden and some links to my favorite web pages. Now that you have the introduction to the page, by all means click the links to the left so you can begin to understand the wonderful world of indoor plants.