Welcome to The Fast Food Calorie Counter!  You're rushing for lunch, you see your favorite fast food place, but nay, you can't go in there, you're on a diet!  Then your brain starts to rationalize, "How bad could it be, I mean, its only a hamburger, there's lettuce on it after all, how many calories could be in that?"  Yes, you quickly turn your car in, going up to the drive thru window, the crackle of the bad speaker system as you place your order with a slight tremble in your voice.

Food in hand, you quickly inhale the food, "How could it be high in calories, it was so quick to eat!"  You exclaim as you finish off that last French Fry and you mumble that you should have gotten the super-sized Fries.

Awaking the next morning, it feels as if someone has stapled you to your bed, bleary eyed you walk to the bathroom, stepping on the bathroom scale.  Your eyes still bleary as you look down on the numbers..."No, how can this be?!" you say with shock and horror.  You remove clothing, you make sure you've gone to the bathroom, stepping on the scale again you see, yes, you do see, that you've gained weight.  Thinking back on the day before you finally realize the culprit, it was that fast food you had for lunch.

With all joking aside, most people don't have a clue about the calorie amounts in their favorite fast foods.  Well, here's all the shocking details of the situation, brace yourself and click on the fast food restaurant to the left to find out the calories of your favorite foods.  These calories were taken from the company websites and governments reports, so they are very accurate.  If you have any questions or comments about this webpage, please feel free to email me.  Thank you for stopping in!