Welcome to the Fad Diet Page! We all know about fad diets and their promise of bringing some instant weight loss. Now before you click on any of the links to the diets you must read this disclaimer: You should always visit a doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. These fad diets are far from the ideal diet and it should be noted that they aren't balanced and the best way to lose any weight is with a careful well balanced diet. I am not responsible for any health issues that should arise because you try any of these diets.

Now a few helpful hints to doing these diets.

  • Don't do a crash diet for more than 3 to 7 days. Most of these diets are not meant to be kept for extended periods of time. They aren't balanced and not meant to be your permanent way of eating. Now the Atkins diet says you can keep it for extended periods of time, I don't think it a good idea, but the diet changes once you get passed the first two weeks, so if you want to do that extended version of the diet, look it up and get more details on it.

  • The week that your going to keep the fad diet, don't overexert yourself. While feeling fine during the diet, you shouldn't try to exert yourself too much, it would make it difficult to keep it and may be too stressful on your system.

  • Don't go out to dinner with friends and other social activities. Nothing is worst then eating something tiny when your friends are eating their heads off. So, while it can be done, it's easier to just avoid those types of situations.

  • If you get very hungry drink a cold glass of water, it will help to take away the hunger pangs. You could always try sucking on ice to calm hunger pains.

  • One last thing, once the crash diet ends don't think it's party time and eat out the house...once the diet is over you want to celebrate, just don't celebrate it with food!! Start your well balanced diet once you are done with the fad diet.

Okay, enjoy your fad diets or better yet, read the fad diets, laugh at how silly they are, and then eat your favorite food and thank god you wouldn't be silly enough to try one of them :o)


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