Lucy May Alcott Editor

Jackie Jones Assistant Editor

From The Dog's Mouth
Welcome to, From The Dog's Mouth, an e-zine written by dogs, edited by dogs, and focused on important doggie issues of the day.  You'll find important issues discussed in the advice column, where our two editors will personally share their wisdom on dog related topics.  In the recipe section you'll find tasty gourmet recipes for the most discerning of the doggie set.  Our message boards will hopeful be the forum where dogs can finally have a voice on the net.  If you need to contact either of our editors, Jackie or Lucy, please feel free to e-mail them. 

Now a little about the Editors, Lucy May Alcott, is a writer, activist and all around good pooch.  She started her career as an editor of a small newspaper called, The New Dog Herald, where her talented investigative reporting boldly exposed corruption in certain kennels throughout New York City.  Getting noticed for her aggressive style of reporting, she soon found herself as chief writer of, No Bones About it,  a doggie rights activist newspaper.  Her activist spirit led her to champion many causes and her breakout article, Muzzles, it shouldn't happen to a dog, won her the coveted Pulitzer Poodle Award.  Having creative differences with the owner of, No Bones About it, she launched, From the Dog's Mouth, a website where freedom of expression and her radical ideas can have an unfettered format.

Jackie Jones, Assistant Editor, and sister to Lucy May Alcott, has had a long and very successful career.  Starting out as Jackie May Alcott, this little pooch explored a career in Radio Broadcasting.  Her boss decided that her name didn't have the right pop for an announcer and so she changed her name to Jackie Jones.  Jackie Jones went on to become a popular sports announcer on WK9, an all dog radio station.  Finding that her career was lacking the depth that she wanted, she moved on to an investigative news magazine show called, Dogline.   Her TV career was short lived when her employer wouldn't run her story on corrupt veterinarians she quit and took the job that her sister had offered her on this website. 

Now you've met the editors, two sisters that know how to scratch deep to find a good news story, that knows no compromise when it comes to their morals, and will give you the honest answers to all your doggie questions.  "By Dogs...for dogs" is the motto that they have and will always have.