Christmas time coming around once again and thoughts of sugar plums dancing in your head.  You have the tree up, your house all decked out in lights, little children making long lists for Santa Claus.  You smell chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Christmas Cards coming in each day, ahh yes Christmas is definitely on its way.  Suddenly you realize that one of the most important parts of Christmas hasn't come yet, yes, the Christmas Cookies haven't been baked.  Egad, what will you do, without Christmas Cookies everything will be ruined!!!  Santa will come to your house looking for some Christmas Cookies and alas he'll find none...surely leading to that lump of coal instead of that dream gift you've always wanted.

     Nervously you rush to the internet and quickly type in Christmas Cookie Recipes and sure enough you find yourself here, reading about you forgetting to making the Christmas cookies.  Don't worry though, here's your solution, we have plenty of Christmas cookie recipes for you to bake!  Click on the recipe section of this website and you'll find ten of my favorite recipes.  Not just any recipes, but recipes from around the world with easy to follow instructions.  So don't be a bah humbug and get baking or you'll have the ghosts of 3 cookies visit you while you sleep.

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