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Bridge is played in rubbers, a rubber is the best of three games. A game is won by the first team to score 100 or more points for successful contracts, over several deals if necessary.

Here is a sample scoring sheet:


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Score for making the contract

If you complete a contract (you've won the amount of tricks you said you would in the bidding phase) then these are the scores you would get for the individual tricks:

  1. If the trump suit was Clubs or Diamonds you get 20 points per trick.
  2. If trumps are Hearts or Spades, you get 30 per trick
  3. If there are No Trumps, you get 40 for the first trick, and 30 for each subsequent trick.

If the contract was doubled then the above scores are double. If it was doubled and then redoubled, you multiply the scores above by 4. The declarer, or person that won the bid and made the contract, will get an extra 50 points above the line if they complete the doubled contract, and if it was redoubled, then they get 100 points above the line.

As you can see, clubs and diamonds are scored less and considered minor suits, while hearts and spades are considered major suits.

Slam Bonus
Is you make 12 tricks it is called a small slam, and if you make all 13 trics it's considered a grand slam. This is the bonus for the declarer if they make the contract.

Slam bonus         small slam       grand slam

not vulnerable        500              1000

vulnerable            750              1500

Score for overtricks:

If the declarer gets more tricks than wer bid, and they weren't doubled, then they get the score below the line for the contract, and get a score above the line for the overtricks. They are scored with the same rate as the bid tricks.

If the contract was doubled or redoubled, the bonus for overtricks does not depend on the trump suit, but does depend on whether the declarer's side was vulnerable as follows:

Score per overtrick    doubled    redoubled

not vulnerable           100         200

vulnerable               200         400

Penalty for undertricks

If the declarer gets fewer tricks than they bid, there is no score below the line, but the declarer's opponents scores above the line. This score is dependent on whether the side was vulnerable, or whether the contract was doubled or is the breakdown...a sidenote, you become vulnerable when you haven't won a game and the other team has:

Undertrick penalty:            not vulnerable    vulnerable

Not doubled - each undertrick:       50             100

Doubled - first undertrick:         100             200

Doubled - 2nd and 3rd undertrick:   200 each        300 each

Doubled - subsequent undertricks:   300 each        300 each

Redoubled undertricks cost twice as much as doubled undertricks. Honours

The top five trumps (A K Q J 10) are called honours. If one player holds all five of these cards, that player's side scores a bonus of 150 above the line. Four honours in one hand score 100. If there are no trumps, and a player holds four aces, that player's side scores 150 for honours.

Scores for honours are to be claimed at the end of the play (it is assumed that the players will remember what they held).

As there is no skill in scoring for honours, players often agree to play without the honour bonuses. Game and Rubber

The side that gets 100 points or more below the line wins the game. A new line is placed under the scores. Anything the opponents had below the line does not count towards the next game and they start from zero again.

Now, to make a game in one hand, starting from zero, with no doubles, you need to succeed in winning a bid with at least three no trumps, four spades or hearts, or five clubs or five diamonds.

The team that wins the first two games wins the rubber. They will get a bonus of 700 points if they win with the other side not winning one game. If they win two games to one they get a 500 point bonus.

If play ends for any reason with a rubber unfinished, then a side with a game gets a bonus of 300 points, and a side with a part score(a score below the line towards an uncompleted game) gets a bonus of 100.

Okay, here are the examples so you can see how this works out: Now say you won a contract of 2 hearts and you got 1 overtrick. No doubling or redoubling.

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Now if you add the scores up at the end of the rubber, and if the other side wins the rubber, but doesn't have as many points as you because of above line scoring, then you would win the tournament.