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     Welcome to Bridge Basics!  I wrote this page to give the novice an easy to understand instruction on the game of bridge.  Click on the links above to learn about the rules of the game and the scoring.

      Bridge was started in the middle east during the 19th century.  Auction Bridge was the first widely played game and was developed by the British that were living in India, but the popularity of this game soon spread to England and the United States.  However, Contract Bridge is the main version of bridge that's played today.  It gained popularity in the 1920's when changes to the game were introduced by Harold S. Vanderbilt.

    I've been playing bridge for awhile now and no it isn't just for old married couples who are too snobbish to play bingo at  their local hall.  Bridge is a game of strategic decision making and is probably the most difficult card game to master.  The great thing about the computer age is you can now play bridge online, yes, no waiting around to get that bridge fix.  I play at Yahoo Games .  Its free to play, you just have to register there and join one of the many rooms there.  Its a great place to practice you skills before playing against your friends and family.

     If you have any questions regarding this site, please feel free to email me.  Thank you for stopping in and I hope you enjoy playing the wonderful game of Bridge.