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     Apples have been cultivated since prehistoric times and can be seen in many of the earliest texts, including the Bible and Greek Mythology.  So, what makes this little fruit so special that it hung from the tree of knowledge, was an important symbol for Aphrodite in classic mythology, made one Johnny Appleseed rather famous, and became the cure-all for keeping the doctor away.  So what made the apple so famous, was it the health benefits of this little fruit?  It does have numerous healthy aspects including pectin and high fiber.  Is it the appearance of the apple, hmm, it is a rather lovely shade of red.  Or perhaps it is something as simple as, apples taste great!   That brings us to the purpose of this website, showing you all the wonderful things you can make with apples.  From the basic Apple Pie to Apple tarts, you'll find a large listing of recipes and hints for making the best Apple desserts and dishes around.

     All you have to do is click on the apple buttons above to be taken to the different sections of this website.  If you would like to send along an apple recipe for inclusion on this website, please drop me an email and I'll be sure to include your recipe on the page.  Thank you for taking a look at this webpage.