Allergies is a medical condition where a person has a hypersensitive reaction of the body tissues to certain substances that in other people in similar amounts would cause no effect whatsoever.  Allergens (substances which causes allergies) can be:

  • Airborne substances like pollen, dust, smoke

  • Infectious agents like bacteria, fungi, parasites

  • Foods can cause allergic reactions

  • Contactants, like poison ivy, chemicals, dyes

  • Physical agents like light, heat, cold.

     A person can be allergic to just about anything.  Dust, food, medications, pollutants, pets, pollen, insect stings, stress you name it.  Here are some techniques for relief from anything from hay fever to asthma.  Please note the following is intended for your reference only, not as a medical manual.  While the information is based on material provided by various researchers, it does not presume to give medical advice.  Be sure to consult your physician before beginning any therapeutic program.

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